IGA Ad Cache Editor


This program is a frontend to the "ad cache file" (icontent.cache), used in games that use IGA Worldwide's dynamic advertising engine, which will allow you to modify the contents of your cache, so you can do things such as:

It does not allow you to block new advertising. This requires the use of a firewall. See blocking advertising for more information.


The program is in alpha stage, that is, lots of things may be experimental and mess up your cache file in the process.

All of the code that interacts with the cache file runs in a library, allowing new interfaces to be developed other than the System.Windows.Forms (WinForms/default) one. For example, you could produce an .NET website that edits the cache files online.

The following games are recognized by the software:

More games can have support added for them. If you have a game that is not supported, the software will give you instructions on how to report a bug.

Please see this document for information on how to report bugs, request new features and submit patches.

Downloading the Program

The current "release" version of the software (with executables) can be downloaded from the download page.

You can also download development versions from our Subversion repository, however these are unsupported, and you will need Visual Studio 2005 or Visual C# Express Edition to compile them into an executable. If you want to submit a patch, you should do it against the SVN version.

Unfortunately, Mono (and Linux, BSD, Mac OS X) support isn't complete yet. Please watch out for updates - you'll be sure to know when the software supports Mono.